Other Products & Services

Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping a clean chimney is not only necessary for safety and to prevent chimney fires, but it benefits a number of other factors. It increases efficiency, creates more draw, burning wood more completely. It also extends the life of your expensive to replace flue system.

Bed Edging

Bed Edging makes your mulch bed look crisp & clean, and also keeps the mulch you’ve purchased from washing into the lawn when it rains. We offer Bed Edging services to our mulch and non-mulch purchasing customers regardless of spreading.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

We offer Spring & Fall Cleanup services to remove debris from your yard & keep the lawn healthy and vibrant without being suffocated by leaf litter & debris.

Shrub Removal

We will remove any of your out of hand or unsightly shrubs, and bushes.

And more!

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