At Best Budget Tree Service we offer a wide variety of services ranging from Tree Removal, Tree Planting, Tree Trimming to Firewood and Mulch delivery. We also offer Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance to keep your stoves and chimneys burning safe & efficiently. If you don’t see a service listed below, just give us a call @ +1(815)685-2444

Tree Service

Best Budget Tree Service is a fully licensed, insured, and experienced Tree Service offering Removal/Trimming of Trees and Stumps, Lot Clearing, and just about anything tree related you can think of. We also sell Firewood, Mulch, and offer a Chimney Cleaning Service!


Firewood Pickup, Delivery, & Stacking At Best Budget Tree Service one of our main products is firewood, we strive for quality and we are committed to satisfying our customer’s firewood needs.


Best Budget Tree Service offers Dark Brown Premium Hardwood Mulch by the yard for $20/yd, and no amount needed is too big! We also offer Dyed Red, Dyed Brown, Cedar, Playground Mulch. We service the South Chicagoland area. Delivery, Bed Edging, Spreading, & Pickup available.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is an essential maintenance that we recommend be performed yearly. Chimney cleaning removes creosote from your fireplace or stove chimney lining.

Our Products & Services

Tree Removal/Trimming/Planting

At Best Budget Tree Service we have the equipment and knowledge to tackle even the toughest and most dangerous tree jobs, and we are committed to doing so safely, quickly, and carefully. With our years of experience, quality equipment, knowledgeable crew, and experienced Arborists, Best Budget Tree Service is the right company for the job.

Stump Grinding & Removal

We are able to grind down unsightly tree stumps, and remove any trace that a tree was even growing in the first place.

Seasoned Firewood(Pickup & Delivery)

All of our Firewood is Seasoned 12-14 Months to ensure optimal moisture content to reduce formation of creosote, and promote full combustion and efficiency of our firewood.

Premium Hardwood Mulch(Pickup & Delivery)

Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is made in house, it acts as an effective weed control, provides a moisture barrier, and breaks down to deposit minerals and nutrients back into the soil and keeps your plants looking healthy, and maintains good soil health. We also carry Cedar, Dyed Brown, Dyed Red, and Playground Mulch.

Shrub Removal

We will remove any of your out of hand or unsightly shrubs, and bushes.

Bed Edging

Bed Edging makes your mulch bed look crisp & clean, and also keeps the mulch you’ve purchased from washing into the lawn when it rains. We offer Bed Edging services to our mulch and non-mulch purchasing customers regardless of spreading.

Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping a clean chimney is not only necessary for safety and to prevent chimney fires, but it benefits a number of other factors. It increases efficiency, creates more draw, burning wood more completely. It also extends the life of your expensive to replace flue system.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

We offer Spring & Fall Cleanup services to remove debris from your yard & keep the lawn healthy and vibrant without being suffocated by leaf litter & debris.

And more!

Contact Us @ +1(815)685-2444 if you don’t see a service listed.

Our Equipment

Bucket Trucks

Specialized Bucket Trucks with Aerial Lifts to assist in tackling hard to reach jobs, and assist in debris removal.

Wood Chippers

Large chippers to remove debris and put into our specially designed bucket trucks to speed up debris removal.

Stump Grinders

Large Stump Grinders to remove any traces of tree stumps & to make stump removal fast & pain free.