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Mulch Pickup, Delivery, & Spreading

Best Budget Tree Service offers Natural Dark Brown Premium Hardwood Mulch by the yard for $25/yd, and Premium Dyed Brown Premium Hardwood Mulch for $30/yd, no amount needed is too big! We service the South Chicagoland area. Delivery, Bed Edging, Spreading, & Pickup available.

We’re located @ 2241 US 52, Minooka, IL 60447. Located in the back of the lot, we have yard staff on duty to assist & load you up. For more information, or to schedule a delivery you can reach us via call/text @ +1(815)685-2444.

Premium Hardwood Mulch(Pickup & Delivery)

Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is made in-house. It acts as effective weed control, provides a moisture barrier, breaks down to deposit minerals and nutrients back into the soil, keeps your plants looking healthy, and maintains good soil health.

Premium Dyed Brown Mulch

Our Premium Dyed Brown Hardwood Mulch is made in-house. It provides the same benefits as our traditional mulch including weed control, acting as a moisture barrier, breaking down and depositing minerals and nutrients into the soil. It has the added benefit however of being Dyed Brown and maintaining brown color throughout it’s application.

Bed Edging

Bed Edging makes your mulch bed look crisp & clean, and also keeps the mulch you’ve purchased from washing into the lawn when it rains. We offer Bed Edging services to our mulch and non-mulch purchasing customers regardless of spreading.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

We offer Spring & Fall Cleanup services to remove debris from your yard & keep the lawn healthy and vibrant without being suffocated by leaf litter & debris.

And more!

Contact Us @ +1(815)685-2444 if you don’t see a service listed.