Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is an essential maintenance that we recommend be performed yearly. Chimney cleaning removes creosote from your fireplace or stove chimney lining. Creosote is a buildup caused by incomplete combustion of wood, the tar is deposited onto the interior of the chimney, and when it builds up it can potentially cause fire that risks damage to property, and may include loss of life.

In addition to being dangerous it also reduces efficiency, and reduces the life of your expensive to replace flue system. Call us today @ +1(815)685-2444 to schedule your Chimney Cleaning, $150 per cleaning.

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Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping a clean chimney is not only necessary for safety and to prevent chimney fires, but it benefits a number of other factors. It increases efficiency, creates more draw, burning wood more completely. It also extends the life of your expensive to replace flue system.

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